Rich Webb


Rich Webb will be bringing his electric blend of Americana, garage rock and straight-out ship shanty goodness back to Europe in the second half of 2018 to support the release of new album ‘Le Rayon Vert’.

“A steamship trip on the Mississippi, at times a road movie, at times an ode to love, and at times no nonsense rock and roll”, says Germany’s Musicheadquarter.  “Like a Tarantino soundtrack,” says Melbourne’s Beat Magazine.

Expect primal country-tinged dirty rock, devil’s rib bone rhythms and scorching leads strung like delicious party lights around Webb’s offbeat story-telling and gritty vocals.

Details coming soon – the tour dates will be up here:


Rich Webb tour dates

First taster from the new album is the lilting Stray Horse Canyon.

Rich Webb became a regular in Europe after single Don’t Feel So Sad burst onto German radio, and then Light, both from the Overboard album. Then came the Beautiful World album, and  Gone Gone Gone and Beautiful World.

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